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Linda Hoag Letter

Linda gets the intention of the installation-thank you

Linda Hoag has some questions that still need to be answered..
"I saw your wonderful show yesterday. You had me from the EZ Pickens sign and the fruit baskets in the window. Grapefruit Moon is just breathtaking. I love the texture and the mysterious flowers. The groupings of critics manage to be droll and ominous at the same time. Here are some questions and thoughts that arose for me in looking at your work:

Who decides when an artist is ripe for picking?

If the natural environment for critics is in a gallery space, what is the natural environment for artists? I suspect There Used to be an Orchard Here has something to say about this, as well as the series of the three trees with views of a bigger space. (Big Bang and adjoining trees)

The Lines ask a big question. What have we started when we draw a line? it was cool to see work from 1973.

Who owns the fruits of our labor?

Do all grapefruits come with haikus (if we look for them)? Nice job, Amy!

Thanks for a visually alluring, thought provoking show."Enter content here

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