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Julie Rico writes about the Art Peeps at West los Angeles College..for Arcade Project Zine


Bobble head Bernie in Vegas..

Trading Dirt. re-imagining Alan Kaprow's iconic 'happening'. We traded buckets of dirt for local gossip. Interviewing Highland Park residents on how they happen be living in the neighborhood. The piece was done under the auspices of LA DCA and the Getty Foundation. Avenue 50 Gallery hosted the event, Kathy Gallegos and I wrote the proposal. Click here to see the documentation video.

CSUN -Valley Vista impressions from Peter Clothier.

Mike Reynolds: Art and Dinner in Los Angeles! Let's have dinner and talk about art!

the Buddha Diaries, Bleicher Gallery contribution to Pacific Standard Time

Sybil McMiller's Blogtalk Radio

Cal State University Northridge article, Andrelisa Livingston

Linda Hoag sums up the CSUN Performing Arts Center installation. Thanks Linda -SR

Trading Dirt re-invented 2008 from stuart rapeport on Vimeo.


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