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Statement and cv..(resume)

Artists Statement..CV (resume)

Combining text with found objects on canvas, canvas stretched to resemble animal skins. The text was used to explain the motivation of the object on the canvas. The objects were replaced with representations of objects and the text was separated from the canvas as time went by. Little paintings with long titles grow from the early work. The diagnostic study of artwork led to the Line drawings and the “Rapeport” portfolio. The text became the “Alfandega Cattauragus” performance at the Newport Harbor Art Museum.

Drawn lines were taken off the paper and became three dimensional objects that could be placed in situ and turn an empty wall into a piece of art. The large freestanding lines moved the drawing beyond the surface, which revealed the content of the space between a viewer and the artwork. That space was energized when a viewer looked at a piece of work. That energy would vanish when another gallery occupant broke the “line of sight”.  

Placing figurative sculptures to appear to gaze at wall pieces was intended to artificially energize a gallery space. I placed wood a figure outside the new MOCA building, where it gazed at the multi-colored sign for a number of months. There at that downtown patio, people down on their luck also would sit, and soon pedestrians would ignore the energized field and walk with their heads down to quickly by-pass any panhandlers. Then the Omni Hotel was built and the Critic artwork disappeared, along with the panhandlers.

The outsider disappeared.

While LACMA was being remodeled I worried about Rodin’s Balzac. I reported on  the Ghost of Balzac as he wondered the city, Mister Balzac takes a Vacation. In a similar vain a few Dogs explored Hollywood and Fish left the Arroyo Secco to check out Highland Park. I also followed the Giant Grapefruit and documented its trek from citrus grove to LACMA.

 While downtown I would observe the feeding of the pigeons by some of local residents (this was before the “do not feed the birds” signs went up). The bird’s relationships to each other created harmonic compositions. These compositions were more balanced than the compositions created by audience members selecting seats in a movie theater. The flock compositions were translated into wall pieces.  Following the logic of flocks creating a balanced composition, I began to consider packs of dogs, schools of fish, groups of snails as inspiration for composition. Snails being natural artists, leaving trails, their trails of mucous were translating into abstract painting. Fish out of water created a narrative with an implied tension between large and small fish and the input of a house cat.  At a recent solo exhibit I brought in silhouettes of art critics to view the paintings. The interaction of the critics could be felt as they “viewed” the paintings. 

One thing leads to another.


Resume-&- Exhibition history


One Person Exhibits

2014 itmarksthespot, New York, NY 

2012 Bleicher Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2009 Phantom Gallery-the Pike, Long Beach, CA

2008 Dangerous Curve, Los Angles, CA 

2006 Home Box Office, Santa Monica, CA

2006 Future Studio, Highland Park, CA

1988 Hilbie's Corner Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

1985 CA State University Los Angeles, CA

1982 Art Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1980 Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

1976 Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach, CA


Group Exhibitions

2016 Avenue 50 Studio, curated by Raoul de la Soto 

2015 Geffen Art Book Fair, featured in MOCA booth 

2015 LA Art Show, BG Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca 

2013 Manhattan Graphics Center, New York. NY

2012 USC/County Hospital, Violence Intervention Program

2010 Bliecher Caporale Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2009 Calif State College, Los Angeles, Concrete Drawings

2008 Avenue 50 Studio, Los Angeles, Ca

2007 Phantom Gallery, ”School” Pasadena, CA 

2006 Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, “Flock”, Los Angeles, CA

2006 CA State University, Los Angeles, “Duchamp’s Leg”

2005 OCCCA, curator Peter Clothier, Santa Ana, CA

2004 Absolut Chalk. Light Bringer Project, Pasadena CA

2003 Brea Center for the Arts, Plein Aire Painting, Brea, CA

2002 Cheap Art Show 4th St gallery. Los Angeles, Ca 90012

2002 Mama's Tamales-Tamale festival, Macarthur Park, LA, Ca

2001 Absolut Chalk. Light Bringer Project, Pasadena CA

2001 Mail Art Exchange, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, Ca

1999 Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

1999 RICO Gallery, Downtown,Outsider Art, Santa Monica, CA

1998 DADA-Downtown Arts Development. Los Angeles ,CA

1998 All City Open Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, L A, CA

1991 Art Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1978 CLOSE Radio KPFK Alfandega Cattauragus

1979 ARCO Biennial Exhibition, ARCO Center for the Arts LA, CA

1979 Barnsdale Art Park, Los Angeles, CA

1978 Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach, CA 

1975 Janus Gallery, L A CA

     Betty Gold Fine Modern Print, L A, CA

     Newspace Gallery, L A, CA

1974  Hygiene de L'Art Galerie la Bretesca, Geneva,  Switzerland

1974  Los Angles Institute of Contemporary Art,Centuy City   CA

1973  Newport Harbor Art Museum, Balboa Island, CA 

1972  Saloon RR Raphael Rosario, Hollywood, CA

1971  Brand Library and Art Center, Burbank, CA

1970 Gallery West Los Angeles, CA


2009 Los Angeles World Airport the 99 Cent Show co-curator Barry Markowitz

2008 Future Studio, “Stuff George Found”

2007 Phantom Gallery Pasadena, Window hopping

1983 Barry Markowitz. Paintings -Red Squirrel Gallery

1982 Bill Anderson, paintings -Red Squirrel Gallery

1978 Paul McCarthy-Contemporary Cure-all performance


2007 Reinventing Trading Dirt grant from Getty, MOCA, LA DCA and the Kaprow Foundation, with Avenue 50  Studio and Kathy Gallegos

2009  Guest Curator LAX Airport art display, DCA and LAWA administation

Internet Documentations

1997-2000  Spiral Yucca, the Yucca's Progress,


1997  Red Squirrel Gallery SoHo Geocities Web Site

1994 "Maybe it's only art if there are no ideas"  Downtown Arts Development

1993 "time bomb" American Film and Video Festival

1992 "eat" Freewaves Celebration of Independent Video, sponsored by EZTV,

          City of Los Angels Cultural Affairs Department


1997- 2002 - the Yucca's Progress Man and Nature documented


1982 MFA Program -CA State University-Los Angeles, CA

1975 MFA Lowell Darling's Master of Find Arts-Correspondence School

1971 Graduate Program CA Institute of the Arts-Valencia, Califronia

1970 BA CA State College-Northridge,CA 

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