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The Right Tools

brushthroughHead.jpgPainting on the brain, brush through the head.
These brushes are available through the Museum of Contemporary Art Gift Shop and on line through Future Studio
they come with a letter of authenticity from the artist. The brushes are made of bronze unless otherwise noted.
Each brush is  approximately $1000.00  purchased individually
The entire set is available for five thousand dollars and includes a tool box for storage or display. 


Sensitive brush for painting nudes
the painting webassets/theNudePainting.jpg 

How to use the Nude Brush video


Centaur Brush for painting powerful paintings of nature

webassets/BrushMedusa.jpgbecareful with this one...

Medusa brush, a little angry, slightly, out of control, abstract expressionism.

webassets/minimalbrush.jpg minimal brush put the mark where it belongs

Video how to use the Minimal brush

webassets/pipeCat9tails.jpgBe extra careful

Cat of Nine Tails brush. Bamboo or metal pipe, express yourself fully,
remove the angst from your inner spirit and leave it on the surface of the painting.

this is the original tool box and the tools from the earlier exhibition, most recently exhibited at Cal State University Northridge
the original brushes are not for sale but are shown here to provide information regarding the history of the "Right Tools. 

The Tool Box



The Tools:





art stars 



Right tool for the right job

These Tools were exhibited back in the 1970's at the
Newport Harbor Art Museum