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Julie Rico-Arcade Project essay..Art People




Peter Clothier Essay

Photos from Dangerous Curve dogheadshop

Early Work

American Association of Editorial Cartoonists

Secret Sex Life of Dogs -Cats by Dr Bernadine Cruz published by Angel City Press

Peter Clothier The Carton of Bright Blue Paper Towels: A Kind of Cautionary Tale

Chicken Boy Cartoons


Statement and cv..(resume)

More Other Stuff Catalog available from LuLu twenty bucks, very nice, learn what makes this work tick.

 La Senorita of the River

An exhibition based on re-imagined gambling boats along the L.A. River

Dan van Clapp and I organized the exhibition that included Margaret Adachi, Capt Dan, Ken Fry, Margaret Garcia,

Amy Inouye, Ric Newton(pitboss),Barry Markowitz, Michael C.McMillen, Tim Quinn, Tim Spain and Lisa Worksman.


deadman's hand-
an installation of 5 24x30" oil on canvas,hung from ceiling

Ace of Spades
from the dead man's hand

Nine of Clubs
oil on canvas 24" x 30" part of a series of 52

Five of Hearts
24"x30" part of a series of 52

EZ Pickens-low hanging frut
Bleicher installation
Critics and labor and grapefruit
size varies each figure is approx 64

The critics, collectors, curators and grapefruit. The Bleicher Galley installation

grapefruit moon Berney Ranch Soma, CA
dyptich 84" x 48"


the Dogtower
size varies approx 12' x 5' x 5'

the Critic
waiting for Didi and Gogo


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