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Some recent installations:

West Los Angeles College, Culver City, California...


Yucca Valley Hi-Desert Cultural Center Hw 62, Joshua Tree, Ca


Hors d'oeuvre anyone?








Molly Barnes and Marcel Duchamp.webassets/mollyandDuchampWLACollege.jpg

The Cat and the Fish have returned from the Maloof Botanical Gardens, They had a nice summer in the beautiful mouantains above San Bernardino.


The cat still has issues with fish that are yet to be resolved




FishtoMaloof from stuart rapeport on Vimeo.

the destination gave the fish hope, the journey was an adventure. 'fish out of water and so are we' short video:

Sam Maloof Botanical Garden

on view now, officially opens May 1, 2016 
Avenue 50 Studio Satellite Gallery Installation 
in recognition of Woman's History Month,
 1270 N Avenue 50, L.A. 90042

                           drawing, drawing deconstructed, lines built, lines drawn, 
 a few paintings, the space between the painting
                           and the viewer, 
the space between the critic and the object, these led to installation pieces. 
Snail Trails
Cal State University Los Angeles installation


Current installations:

Ave 50 Studio 1270 N Ave 50 L.A. Ca


New Drawing...impression of a bottle cap (2015 graphite on Rives paper 40" x 30")


















 New Dog Scupture, chasing his tail 


Assemblages from the past...

1973 seen at LAICA assemblage exhibit curated by Hal Glicksman

webassets/1972assemblage2.jpg  7" glass clobe with plastic another viewwebassets/1972assemblage.jpg

1975 Worms Crawl in, the worms crawl out  10" x 12" wood


1992 Sitting on the Fence 10" x 12" woodwebassets/sittingonFence.jpg 






1975 webassets/IMG_2484.JPG
Lady and the Spider 


After pushing Sisyphus's rock to El Camino College in Torrance and being rebuffed by Charon, the cat,

Sysphus and his friend are hoping to place the rock at MOCA




Click to watch Sisyphus struggle to place rock at MOCA

Valley Vista Art in The San Fernando Valley 1970-1990 coming to Cal State University Northridge....
1. brush for painting sensitive nudes
2. brush for hesitant strokes, not sure
3. brush for painting fantasies
4. brush for success
5. brush reproducing masterpieces
6. brush for power paintings
7. self destructive, deprecating work. 


Valley Vista Exhibit included some work that was previously shown in 1974 at the old Newport Harbor Art Museum on Balboa Island. (those were the days)

the LAICA Journal of he following year included a photo featuring a larger brush I created and my cat, Augie Donatelli.




Peter Clothier visits CSUN to view Valley Vista

New York City....watch out Sharks and Jets. webassets/topThis.jpg
Detritus Intaglios have returned home from Manhattan. (the dogs of the dogheadshop remain on the east coast)

Stuart Rapeport on artslant, a different view of the same work, and some different work with the same view

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Sisyphus will be there! 

Giant Grapefruit treks to LACMA via Soma, Ca
The Giant Grapefruit arrives at Los Angeles County Art Museum

Images from the Giant Grapefruit's trip to LACMA



 Fifty-two Paintings.
Below are examples of three of the paintings each 24" x 30" oil on canvas.

five of hearts
24" x 30" oil on canvas

Nine of Clubs
24" x 30" oil on canvas

Ace of Hearts
24" x 30" oil on canvas

"Dead Man's Hand" Coagula installation- imagining the remnants of a gambling boat on LA River

   House of Cards...never mind that pick a card;

          (got to play the cards you are dealt). 


NELA Art News: Chicken Boy Gazettes






EZ Pickens-low hanging fruit

The critics, collectors, curators and grapefruit.
The Bleicher Gallery installation 2011
and Performing Arts Center CSUN 2013 

"More Other Stuff" Catalog available from LuLu twenty bucks, very nice, learn what makes this work.

Grapefruit Moon, Berney Ranch, Soma, California
dyptich 84" x 48" oil on canvas
Fish Out of Water
Pasadena Installation, Phantom Gallery

Remains of the Spiral Yucca 1986 to 2003  


the Critic
waiting for Didi and Gogo

The Dogtower if it falls down put it back up, the dinks and repairs add character just put it back up if it should fall down.

the Dogtower
size varies...if it should fall, stack it up again.

DOGHEAD samples-click here


Click here to Hear the Dog Chorus then Drag the Mouse over the choir.

If you have the sound on; drag the mouse over the dogheads, compose a chorus, listen to the choir, amuse yourself.

Humor is a neccessity for the poor, an extravagance for the wealthy, treat yourself.

EZ Pickens: Critics, curators and grapefruit installation Valley Performing Arts Center, CSUN.


SpiralYucca Tribute-click here to play video

DRAWINGS pen & inks


Photos from Dangerous Curve dogheadshop

Early Work

American Association of Editorial Cartoonists

Chicken Boy Cartoons


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